Banner Advertising - Specifications

Leaderboard Banner - Top & Bottom

  • The top banner is in a prime location at the top of the page and is a highly prominent ad unit.
  • This banner is available in top of page and bottom of page positions on all global pages. It is not available on the homepage.
  • We require two banner versions for best possible cross-device presentation. 
  • Target URL: Please provide the full target URL. Both banner versions will link to the same target URL.


Desktop version:

  • Static GIF, JPEG, PNG
  • Max size 150kb
  • Dimensions: 970px x 90px (w x h)

Leaderbord - mobile version


Mobile version:

  • Static GIF, JPG, PNG
  • Max size 150kb
  • Dimensions: 320px x 50px (w x h)


MPU - Mid Page Unit Banner

  • This banner is only available on the Exhibitor List page.
  • It is the only animated banner on this page and placed on the right hand column, next to the featured content.
  • If you decide to use Flash, the delivery of fallback graphics (gif or jpg) is necessary in cases where flash media cannot be displayed (especially on mobile / tablet devices).

Target URL: Please provide the full target URL.

MPU 300x250


  • Dimensions: 300px x 250 px (w x h)
  • Animated or static GIF, JPG, PNG, Flash 
  • Max size 150kb




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